Our History

A little more about us; a glimpse

into our history

The roots of Tarentaalnes Guesthouse are intertwined with the citrus industry in Rustenburg and the surrounding area. The farm on which the guesthouse is built was a well-known citrus export farm. The first construction on the current guesthouse began in 1896! It was expanded in 1914 and further additions were made in 1944, resulting in the current size of approximately 700 square meters.

The property was owned by the MacKenzy family for 87 years. Mr. MacKenzy came from America as a young man, where he gained all his knowledge about the orange industry working at the Pomona farm. The family were highly respected people who travelled overseas regularly, had a butler, and frequently hosted weddings and parties. There was even a swimming pool, tennis court, and tennis house on the property.

One of Mr. MacKenzy’s sons-in-law, Mr. Lucas, after whom Lucas Street in Rustenburg is named, was one of the founding members of the then-orange warehouse in Rustenburg. With the new warehouse in town, the orange warehouse (also built in 1914) on the farm was no longer needed and became a storage facility. It is the very warehouse where the Tarentaal Theatre was born in 2009, and where our guests enjoy so many music concerts.

In 2018, the Agterstoep was established. It’s a restaurant/bar for watching rugby and enjoying drinks. We also serve delicious meals and farm breakfasts!