Silver Creek Mountain Band

In today’s age of back-track karaoke type music, where elements of most bands are synthetic, it is unique to find a band that play their instruments and sing live.

Silver Creek Mountain Band has been doing it since 1972 – for the last 45 years!

Formed in East London in the early 70’s the band has entertained thousands in pubs and clubs, parties, weddings, rallies, theatres and self-run venues. Their track record is impressive.

Over the years the band has hosted many excellent musicians, each playing a valuable part in keeping Silver Creek’s music alive. Currently the band consists of Rod Dry on vocals and Double Bass, Carl Frayne on vocals, guitar, Ukulele and Mandolin as well as Oigen Ruetsche a harmonica and percussion wizard.

The music is performed acoustically with as few additives as possible. The selection of music is varied and comprised from their choice of material, some of which has become synonymous with Silver Creek. On any given performance, one can expect to hear a mixture of traditional and contemporary Folk Songs, Blues, Bluegrass, Folk and original songs.